Friday, June 29, 2012

Another Bout of Sickness

I am typing this one-handed while the baby sleeps on my shoulder. I had big plans for this nap. Big plans! Laundry, dishes, vacuum and working from home. But little guy wants his momma, and how can you resist that?

So yes, Jack is sick again. Don't know with what other than we're day 3 of a fever and the doc had no answers. Sigh.

On the upside- jack is saying "uh-oh" and I got it on video. Hoping I can upload it thru my phone and this blogger app. Shoot it won't. Will get it up soon.

Meanwhile here he is sleeping on me. Sorry for the boob shot!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day

Here's a random assortment of photos from this past weekend. We had a playdate in the park on saturday, and a bbq with friends and family on sunday. But mostly these are cute pics of the boys and their dad- as it was Father's Day weekend!

luke and his buddy mangus

chillin' on the deck

our father's day "card"

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

my little hamster baby

Jack loves to squish his face into the side of the pack-n-play. i finally got a good shot of it last night. It still makes me laugh out loud every time I see it! his little chicklet teeth crack me up!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

my little hot mess

Over memorial day weekend, Luke came down with a bug. Fever, sore throat and his bad, bad cough. I thought he had just got another cold- so didn't worry too much. I did notice dot on his foot- but I thought he had a sliver or something.

Fast forward to friday and as I'm getting Jack ready for daycare I notice he has some diaper rash- no biggie- slap on some cream and let's go. He also felt a little warm, but he's cutting two more teeth- so I gave him some tylenol and off we went to daycare and work. That afternoon my daycare lady called me saying he's real sluggish, has a fever and has this rash that's spreading. Nothing freaks me out more than a rash! So I call the doc and leave a message and run over there (so happy that I work less than 5 min from him). I take one look at him and literally watch the rash spread across his face. I said "Yah- we're going to the ER bud." and off we went. We get right in and diagnosed with the lovely Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (learn more here). His cousin Grace was battling it the week before- she had it bad too, poor little monkey.

Here's a couple shots from the hospital:
day one of rash
sicky little dude at the ER 
his little foot. the filter makes it look more red that it was!

So there is NOTHING that I can do for the poor kid other than advil and tylenol (remind me to tell the milligrams vs milliliters story sometime). It apparently isn't contagious in adults (more on this later) and it didn't appear to be IN his mouth (not yet, anyway). And sometimes kids will have no rash- just all the other symptoms. They may get one or two dots on their feet and hands and that's it. A-HA! So apparently that IS what Luke had the week before. Which makes sense as he was around Grace the day she came down with it.

So I take Jack home hoping that it's not going to get any worse, as Luke had it really mildly.
Boy- was I WRONG. The only way the little guy would sleep is if he was up on my shoulder. Saturday we were moving my Dad up to a retirement community (which took ALL day), so I had my lovely cousin Alicia watching the boys. Her sister came by too, for a bit to help. Jack was a clingly, snotty, hot mess. I felt SOOO bad that I left her with him.  He wouldn't nap unless you held him. He'd only take a bottle and he wanted you to hold him 24/7. Alicia- you are a saint. My mom and step-dad came to her rescue around 4pm that afternoon. And not a moment too soon as Luke had just gotten his foot/leg stuck in the bongo drum. I mean SERIOUSLY?

It was a LOOONG weekend of little sleep and lots of Popsicles and loves. THANK YOU MOM FOR ALL THAT YOU DID!!!

My mom watched them monday and I had yesterday off b/c he was still just not ok. This was Jack on Monday- and it actually makes him look better than he was!

His toes were/are FULL of blisters and his nose was so boogie-ed w/ sores that I couldn't even wipe it without it bleeding! So i called the doc yesterday and they wanted to see him today. Poor kid is ALL infected- so no daycare for the rest of the week! Doctor also said that b/c he had it SO bad that mostly likely all that were around him this weekend will also get it- or an adult form of it (sore throat, headache, fever, cough). I have had a sore throat for the last few days- so that explains me. Found out that poor Alicia has it (SOOO SORRY AUNTIE LEESH). Just waiting for everyone else. and there is a slight possibility that Luke could get it again b/c Jack has it so bad. I know- right? AND AND AND- this is like a common cold. He could get it again next year. shoot me now.

Mom picked up some ointment today that the doc prescribed- so I hope he'll be better soon. Thank you Aunt Lisa for stepping up and watching Jack tomorrow so I don't have to use ALL my PTO. I am SOO blessed to have family close that is always willing to help. They are amazing.

Jack is getting better tho. He slept great yesterday for me and is starting to look a littl bit better. Here's Jack from last night- he's finally getting well enough to eat some real foods now. 

Highlight- he's almost walking!! He'll walk along next to you now only holding ONE finger! He's only 10 mo!! Watch out world- here he comes!