Monday, July 29, 2013

T&T Visit

Yesterday I got my girls back!

Loooong ago when Taylie was born, I was in college. For a brief few months my cousin Shannon and I lived in the same city and just minutes from each other. She had just had the most beautiful baby girl ever and when she had to run errands- I got to snuggle and watch the munchkin. BEST EVER. Then a few years ago, Shannon lived around the corner with her now TWO lovely ladies and they would watch Luke for me while I worked. Luke actually started CRAWLING one day Shan was watching him! Then they moved. :( and every summer they come back out here, but it wasn't until THIS summer that Nana and I finally were able to snag them for the day. I seriously can't get over how TALL they both were. And polite. And helpful. And funny. And sweet!! The day went too fast, and even tho we didn't do anything fancy, it was fun to just all be together. They had never met Jack and the last time they saw Luke he was Jack's age! They were best friends within 5 minutes, which was awesome. I miss them both so much already!! Here's a few cute photos I took of our trip down to the river. LOVE YOU T&T!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

5 and a HALF!

i know it's been forever. sorry. lots has been going on in our world- but i'll save that for a different post...

Luke is officially 5 and a HALF today! He has been anxiously awaiting this BIG DAY for several weeks. I am blessed to have had a mom who was really into half birthdays. We used to always get a special dinner that night and when i was in college she'd send me a care package with a birthday card cut in half. She's just super thoughtful like that!

I still can't believe he's 5 and a half. He's smart, sensitive and a thoughtful little boy. We have had some great late night giggles and chats. He has a great imagination that i hope he never loses. He's usually pretty sweet with his brother too. Jack looks up to him so much. He always tries to do what "duke" does (that's how jack says luke- cracks me up).

Here's a few pics from the past week...

we had a date and saw Despicable Me 2!

Park shot! love Jack's CHEESE face.

Luke showing Jack how to dig in the sand