Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Jack turns 2!

Saturday the littlest monkey turned 2. We spent the day hanging out with our cousins and going to the park. We took him to dinner at Red Robin where they sang to him and he got a treat. He's talking so much now. He's really into building things and handles small pieces really well. He's totally obsessed with anything Mike from Monsters Inc, minions and anything superhero. He's especially into the Hulk. He has a Hulk guy that he crashes into other toys and says "HULK SMASH!" It's pretty cute.

Sunday we had a pool party at mom's clubhouse. It was low-key, but I think everyone had a good time. We just had a few treats and then headed outside to swim. It was a HOT day and perfect pool weather!

His favorite thing to do in the pool was go "surfing". We caught it on video....

Did I mention that he was so excited for his party- that he didn't nap? So after playing in the pool for an hour or so he crashed. I got this super sweet photo of him and big brother. I just love it!

And then yesterday I ended up having the day off. It was a blessing b/c they were not ready to leave the new toys Jack got for his birthday. So after a lazy morning of playing with new toys, a brief trip to mom's work and nap time- we spent the afternoon at Rivercrest (oregon city park) in the Spray Park. At first Jack was timid, but then he really got into it. He was by far the youngest and smallest, but that didn't stop him. He had a BLAST. I had to bribe them with milkshakes to get them out!

After dinner it was still too hot, so we wandered down to the river to keep cool. Jack stuck close by me and wanted to just throw rocks in. Luke was a little more adventuresome. It was really great to have an extra day off to snuggle and love on my littles. I think they needed it too!