Wednesday, December 19, 2012

what 2am looks like...

Both the boys are battling a bit of bronchitis- so sleep was a luxury last night. In fact- anytime Jack was down- Luke was up. I think i slept from 4am to 5am only. From 12:30am until 3am, Jack thought it was party time! Here's what 2am looks like in his eyes...

Good thing he's so stinkin' cute!

Monday, December 17, 2012

it's been a bit

To my 2 (or 3) faithful readers... i am so sorry that i've been MIA for a month and a half. it's been busy! We had a great Thanksgiving surround by lots of great family and food. I survived a bad case of the flu and luckily didn't pass it on to anyone else in my fam {i think God knows that i can barely handle my own puke, let alone anyone else's!!}.

How have we been celebrating the season? Well right after Thanksgiving we started our Elf on the Shelf. You can learn more about him HERE. He's been busy- but sometimes he doesn't move, and Luke is quick to point that out! Here's a few of his locations as of late...

We also started a new family tradition of going to the zoo lights! My mom and Gary came too! It was kinda cold and a bit rainy- but the boys didn't mind at all. They LOVED it! I think the train was the best way to go- you're covered and you get to see all the lights!

We also got a tree that weekend. They boys had a great time running around at the tree farm looking for the perfect tree. It was too cute!
i'm cutting down the tree!

jack wants to help!

Luke also got to go on a field trip last week to Wentzel Farms! Auntie Maris was there and between her and one of the other moms- i got sent some cute photos of that day! Luke's face cracks me up!!
this one makes me laugh every time!

luke loves to pose with statues!

This past weekend was a super busy one! But before we get started running around- we usually start our mornings off with a good breakfast with bacon. I snapped this cute one of the two littles... so adorbs.
bacon lovers

Saturday afternoon, my mom, aunt corriney and I baked family tradition spritz cookies and Jack got to have his first one. He LOVED it!


 We also had our first of many christmas gatherings! We were at Auntie Jens (and Tayo and Uncle Jeff's) enjoying yummy gourmet grilled cheese and soup!

jack did NOT want this picture- can you tell?

cutie by the tree

aunt jaime and jack

 And i always love it when Maris sends me photos of Luke being silly (she watches him for me 3 days a week and gets him to preschool). This one cracks me up every time. and yes, that's a plug-in protector smooshed on his nose. hahahahaaa