Wednesday, August 31, 2011

week 4

I can hardly believe that the little man is 4 weeks old today! We celebrated by going to the dentist (luke and I had checkups) and then a fun little visit to Nonna and Nonno's place. Exciting! In looking back at previous posts- you can see that Jack is getting chubbier. He eats A LOT. Just ask my Mom (grammie Linda)! Just the other day she gave him a 4oz. bottle of my milk- he downed it in 5 minutes and then yelled at her when it was done. He wanted MORE! It's funny- except when he wants to nurse every hour and half at night. This mom could use more sleep!

In big-brother news- we had parent orientation for Luke's Preschool. We are SUPER excited for this next chapter in Luke's World. He's going to have so much fun learning new things and making new friends. A big HUGE thanks to my mom- who's helping me not only watch the boys- but working in Luke's classroom (it's a co-op so you have to work 1 day a month- a little hard for this working mom). AND another big thanks to my fab sister-in-law (follow her here at for getting Luke into the school, helping watch Jack on days my mom is working AND taking Luke to preschool on Fridays once I'm back at work. You are both amazing Momma's and I look to you to keep me sane and for advice. Love you both.

Here's some pictures from this past week!
Luke snuggling grammie at church

Feet Comparison

Hanging in the crib with his new "buddy"

Sleeping in the baby sling- sometimes the only way I can get something done!

Addy "little mama" and Luke with sleeping Jack

Luke at the dentist! NO CAVITIES!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Three Weeks Old!

Time is flying by... Baby Jack-Jack is officially 3 weeks old. There isn't much to update with him, other that he's starting to be awake more during the day (and night!) and his belly button thingy fell off- so he got to take a real bath!

We did get a special visitor on friday for lunch- AUNTIE LEESH! She's been busy working up at Mount St Helen's- so she hadn't had the chance to meet him yet. He was awake for most of her visit and got some good snuggles in. And she got to see all of her other littles too!

I finally got the all-clear on driving so we've been out and about more. After I finish this update- we're heading to my mom's for some pool time! Below are some other pics I've snapped over the past week. Every day is an adventure! Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine!

Pool Side Nappin'

Napping with Dad

Rockin' the Gucci Sunglasses

Tayo Smooches

Grocery Shopping at Trader Joes- LOVE that they have kid carts!!

Goofy Luke

Crashed out Jack. I swear he really is awake more!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2 weeks!

Jack- 2 weeks old

Just got back from Jack's 2 week app (thanks mom for taking us!). What a brave little man he was as they poked his heel and man-handled him. His reward- 4 oz. of mom's milk in a handy little bottle. Yep- he's ALREADY taken to a bottle! I will have to go back to work mid-october- so I thought that he'd better get used to both. We gave him a bottle at his appointment last monday- and he LOVED it. Mom stayed a few nights this last weekend and gave him a bottle for one of the feedings too. She said he could have drank MORE! He's a little piglet- and I love it!

Stats from his 2 week app:
Weight: 8lbs, 2 oz.
Height: 21 inches

I think Luke got the better end of the deal- for being so good at the doc- he got to have a milkshake!
Luke's Treat
Oh and for those of you that don't have facebook- Maris and I snapped this AWESOME photo of Jack yesterday. Check out his hands!! One for the books! XO
Totally NOT posed!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Thanks mom for coming over and bathing Jack for me! All I had to do was stand there and take pictures. We were in luck- he didn't pee everywhere or cry too much.  The better pics were taken on mom's camera- but you get the idea from these... Luke was a great help- until he got distracted by his GI Joes and left us to go play with them. :) I can't wait for that umbilical cord to fall off so we can give him a proper bath. I'm sure he'll LOVE it.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One Week Old

Today Jack is officially one week old. It seems like no time at all, but at the same time I can't remember life before him. He really is a super good baby (so far). He literally eats, sleeps, pees and poos. He had a check-up on monday and has already gained 5 oz. So obviously he eats. A LOT. He does have his awake moments (like this morning at 4am) where he just stares at you with his big eyes, taking it all in. I think it's true what they say- you're a lot more relaxed with your second one. Or maybe it's b/c your so worried about how your first born is feeling and acting that you don't have as much time to obsess over every little thing that is going on with #2.

Speaking of first born... the first few days with both boys was a little rough. I won't lie- Luke has been having some issues adjusting. If I could lift more than 15lbs, I have a feeling he would be spends LOTS of time in time-out. But I keep telling myself it's just a phase- and I am trying to give Luke lots of attention and so have all of our visitors (thank you visitors!). :) 

Here's a few of my fav pics from the last few days...
passed out from boob milk

waiting for mom to feed me

please no more pics!

super cute brothers


Sunday, August 7, 2011


ok- here goes my first post as a mom of TWO! hooray!

Jack James was born on Wednesday, August 3rd at 1:34pm. Weighing in at 7lbs 11oz and 20 inches long. He was the exact same weight as Luke- just 2 inches shorter. The C-Section went well (can i just say- spinal tap= NOT FUN)- except the poor guy had his cord wrapped around his neck! Once they got that off- he was a-yelling! It was great sound. He's super cute- as you can see by the pics below. He's also a super good baby. Doesn't make a peep except when he's hungry. He took to nursing like a champ- which was a relief since Luke struggled with it.

I came home yesterday and I won't lie- it hasn't been easy. One gets quite pampered in the hospital. Lots of visitors, you make a call for room service (they will bring you milkshakes whenever you want!), and the nurses at Providence Portland are hands-down AMAZING. I miss them terribly. But it's not reality. Luke is definitely struggling and acting out. I look forward to him starting preschool next month giving him something fun to do!

Here's some pics of our visitors and of the cute new guy!
Grammie Linda and Jack- he's just an hour old!

Jack James Ausborn

proud big brother

Daddy and his little dude

Momma and her boys

Jack almost smiling! 
Addy and Jack

Grace and Jack

Tayo Smooches

Auntie Kelley and Jack

Auntie Tela and Jack

Papa Gary and Jack

Auntie Maris with Jack

Auntie Annie and Jack

Uncle Jimmy and his mini-me

Proud Grandparents!

Auntie Jen and her new little man

Tayo and Jack
My Grandparents with all 4 of the great-grankids

Going Home Outfit
Proud Brother