Wednesday, August 31, 2011

week 4

I can hardly believe that the little man is 4 weeks old today! We celebrated by going to the dentist (luke and I had checkups) and then a fun little visit to Nonna and Nonno's place. Exciting! In looking back at previous posts- you can see that Jack is getting chubbier. He eats A LOT. Just ask my Mom (grammie Linda)! Just the other day she gave him a 4oz. bottle of my milk- he downed it in 5 minutes and then yelled at her when it was done. He wanted MORE! It's funny- except when he wants to nurse every hour and half at night. This mom could use more sleep!

In big-brother news- we had parent orientation for Luke's Preschool. We are SUPER excited for this next chapter in Luke's World. He's going to have so much fun learning new things and making new friends. A big HUGE thanks to my mom- who's helping me not only watch the boys- but working in Luke's classroom (it's a co-op so you have to work 1 day a month- a little hard for this working mom). AND another big thanks to my fab sister-in-law (follow her here at for getting Luke into the school, helping watch Jack on days my mom is working AND taking Luke to preschool on Fridays once I'm back at work. You are both amazing Momma's and I look to you to keep me sane and for advice. Love you both.

Here's some pictures from this past week!
Luke snuggling grammie at church

Feet Comparison

Hanging in the crib with his new "buddy"

Sleeping in the baby sling- sometimes the only way I can get something done!

Addy "little mama" and Luke with sleeping Jack

Luke at the dentist! NO CAVITIES!

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  1. 4 months!?! It goes soooo fast!! Love all the pics! Kiss the boys for us :) xo