Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2 weeks!

Jack- 2 weeks old

Just got back from Jack's 2 week app (thanks mom for taking us!). What a brave little man he was as they poked his heel and man-handled him. His reward- 4 oz. of mom's milk in a handy little bottle. Yep- he's ALREADY taken to a bottle! I will have to go back to work mid-october- so I thought that he'd better get used to both. We gave him a bottle at his appointment last monday- and he LOVED it. Mom stayed a few nights this last weekend and gave him a bottle for one of the feedings too. She said he could have drank MORE! He's a little piglet- and I love it!

Stats from his 2 week app:
Weight: 8lbs, 2 oz.
Height: 21 inches

I think Luke got the better end of the deal- for being so good at the doc- he got to have a milkshake!
Luke's Treat
Oh and for those of you that don't have facebook- Maris and I snapped this AWESOME photo of Jack yesterday. Check out his hands!! One for the books! XO
Totally NOT posed!!

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  1. He's asserting himself already, a true Leo ;)