Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Three Weeks Old!

Time is flying by... Baby Jack-Jack is officially 3 weeks old. There isn't much to update with him, other that he's starting to be awake more during the day (and night!) and his belly button thingy fell off- so he got to take a real bath!

We did get a special visitor on friday for lunch- AUNTIE LEESH! She's been busy working up at Mount St Helen's- so she hadn't had the chance to meet him yet. He was awake for most of her visit and got some good snuggles in. And she got to see all of her other littles too!

I finally got the all-clear on driving so we've been out and about more. After I finish this update- we're heading to my mom's for some pool time! Below are some other pics I've snapped over the past week. Every day is an adventure! Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine!

Pool Side Nappin'

Napping with Dad

Rockin' the Gucci Sunglasses

Tayo Smooches

Grocery Shopping at Trader Joes- LOVE that they have kid carts!!

Goofy Luke

Crashed out Jack. I swear he really is awake more!!

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  1. I can't believe it's been 3 weeks!!!! Love the pics!! xo