Friday, April 12, 2013

new ears

Jacks doctor called me one saturday (after the whole allergic reaction nightmare featured in my last post) to see how he was doing on a different antibiotic b/c he had yet another ear infection. It was then that she gently suggested that he might need tubes. My first reaction was NO WAY! But he had had 6 ear infections in less that 6 months, and those were just documented ones. So I set up an apt with a wonderful ear, nose & throat doctor- Dr Murray Joe. On our first visit Jack had yet another ear infection (#7) so he put us on a different antibiotic and said he'd see us in 2 weeks. In two weeks, we went in and he looked better, but all the testing still showed signs of fluid, so that's when we made the call to have the surgery. Scheduling was a few weeks out and of course the week before the surgery Jack got sick yet again with another ear infection (#8). Clearly a sign that we were doing the right thing.

The night before surgery I met up with some of my FABULOUS family for dinner and to hand Luke off to my momma so he didn't have to wake up early and wait it out at the hospital. We called it "Jacks last day of bad ears dinner". :) We pretty much took over Wu's Open Kitchen with our loudness and the kids running around. We had a great time trying new things (or i tried some new things!) and drinking yummy drinks!
My lovely grandparents and their "volcano" drink

all those who came out!

Luke got this 'stache in the vending machine. we think he looks like uncle steve!

After dinner was all said and done- we parted ways. Mom took home Luke for a slumber party and I took the littlest home to bed. We had to be up and at the hospital at 6am. OUCH. So I had everything ready to go the night before- the iPad to keep him entertained and snacks for once he woke up from the surgery. I hardly slept! I was so nervous. 530am came quickly. I got everything in the car and the car warmed up and at 545am I swooped in and grabbed him from his bed, wrapped him in a blanket and stuck him in the car. He didn't know what was going on, and thankfully fell back to sleep in the car quickly. Chris followed behind in his car so he could go to work once Jack was in the clear. We had to wait in the waiting room for them to call us back. They put one of those bracelets on all of us (jack HATED his and kept trying to take it off) and then we waited. Jack made fast friends with some of the other people in the waiting room (all waiting to be called back into day surgery).
keeping busy on the iPad- round 1

Soon they called us back. They had to take his blood pressure and pulse and all that good stuff. And he had to put on the cutest tiny gown ever!! Then we pretty much had to wait. There was another little boy ahead of him, so it looked like Jack would be going in around 8am. So we played on the iPad and roamed the halls. He charmed all the nurses with his blue eyes and smile. He was being the best boy!
Keeping busy on the iPad - round 2

so cute!

Watching cartoons with Daddy

Before I knew it they were taking him away. As soon as he was out of my sight I burst into tears. Like hot mess SOBBING tears. It was awesome. But I barely had time to take a sip of my coffee when the AMAZING Dr Joe was in the waiting room letting us know he was done. He said Jack was the best boy and didn't cry one bit! And that the liquid in his ears was the consistency of snot, which meant that it had been there a while! He also said that his speech will drastically improve from here on out (although I didn't think it was that bad to begin with). Dr Joe said he'd been in recovery for a bit and then they'd let us see him! 15 minutes later we were given the all clear and I basically RAN to his room. He was sitting there with big tears in his eyes and the biggest pouty lips ever! He started bawling the second he saw us. I scooped him up and loved all over my brave little monkey. I handed him off to Dad so I could get some instructions and other info. But i snapped this one sad face pic...
sad baby!

Shortly after this he realized that I had a breakfast sandwich (chris grabbed me one from downstairs while we were waiting). He ate about half of it while waiting for them to get him some juice. He then downed 2 things of juice and lots of his other snacks while we waited to get discharged.

my favorite pic of him in the hospital!
Finally we started roaming the halls and they got the drift that we were ready to roll. So they let us go home! He was a total chatterbox the rest of the day (and continues to be). He took a serious 3 hour nap (i had to wake him up!) but then he got to play outside in the sun. I am blessed to have this amazing little guy (and his handsome brother) as my kids. Thanks to everyone, especially my momma for all her help, thru all of this. All your texts and prayers and emails meant so much! Hope you all have a great weekend! XO

Rockin' his PJ's in the sunshine!