Thursday, December 29, 2011

My little Breakdancer

I hope this video of Luke makes you laugh as much as it does me. He loves for me to take videos of him on my phone. Last night he wanted one of him showing off his break-dancing moves. So funny!

I love this kid...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We survived Christmas

and I'm living to blog about it. I have a bunch more pics on my camera that I need to download- but here's just a few from the weekend. Luke LOVED Christmas this year. He had a great time opening his presents plus everyone else's. hahaha

my 3 boys

Happy with Tayo

christmas at nana's

opening presents

rockin' dads new shoes from Santa

Also this weekend- Jack learned to roll from his back to his front! He's getting there! here's the cute video!! oh and please ignore how retarded I sound on it b/c 1- I did end up with a bad cold over Christmas and lost my voice and 2- I'm an excited mom- so I get a little TOO animated. sigh...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gingerbread Train

I won't lie- it's been a rough week with Luke. He's battling some serious asthma and coughing fits and he's been kinda a nightmare (who am I kidding- he's been a TOTAL NIGHTMARE- just ask my mom). I'm blaming it on what I call the Christmas Crazies. I'm actually anxious for it to all be over in hopes we get our sweet Lukey-Boy back.

On Monday mom and Luke did put together his first ever Gingerbread Train while I was at work. I have to say- it makes me totally Laugh Out Loud every time. Mom said he did all the decorating himself. She just glued the big pieces together for him. So for your view pleasure (and yes, those are headless GI Joes stuck in the icing)....

i think this is my fav one. hahaha

Monday, December 19, 2011

Less Than One Week

The excitement of Santa visiting in less than a week is mounting in my house- is it in yours?

Friday, December 9, 2011


Weighing in in this corner, at 16lbs, 2oz and 25 1/2 inches long- is JACK JAMES!

Not bad for 4 months.

We also got the green light for fruits and veggies and rice cereal! Baby Bullet here we come! I cooked up some organic sweet potatoes and broke out the baby bullet tonight. I made a batch, freezing most of it- but thought I'd give Jack a taste. At first he LOVED it- then, not so much. I am going to blame it on being tired and a little cranky from getting a shot today. We'll try again tomorrow...

Monday, December 5, 2011


He's found his feet and is a drool machine, but his smile will melt your heart! Will let you all know how much he weighs this weekend. We have his 4 month checkup on friday!

the rest of November

I don't even know how it's December- let alone only 20 more days until Christmas. Time has FLOWN by! What's happened since my last post? Let's see- we survived Florence. Barely. My mom was a total saint going on that "trip" with me and the boys. I went for work, so I had little time to spend with them. We ended up having little to no internet service and NO cell service unless we stood in the middle of the parking lot. Thank goodness it had a cool indoor pool! The last night there Luke got really sick- so i think we got like an hour of sleep total (maybe even less for my mom).

After that came Thanksgiving. My in-laws were in town for that whole week- so it was busy and fun times with them. Luke loved having them just downstairs so he could go down and visit whenever he wanted. And with Aunt Jaime, Uncle Kelly and Stella (the dog) here for a few days too- he was in HEAVEN.

We (the hubs and kids) went to my mom's for the turkey dinner- and then my sister-in-law Jen's house for games to meet up with the rest of the Ausborn-Strabyrd-Merrill Clan.

Gary's Perfect Turkey
Auntie Kel- the human jungle gym

Jack with his ladies
The boys with dad and their auntie

Jack Snuggles

Luke Stories
The Ausborn-Strabyrd-Merrill Family Photo

And now- well, we're just getting ready for Christmas. I need to get my Christmas cards designed, printed and in the mail. So if you want one- email me your address to! But the tree is up and the lights are on the house (thanks husband!). I'm going to need a LOT of this over the next few weeks:


I know, I know. it's been forever since I posted (sorry aunt corriney!!). But the blog did get a new look today. what do you think? :)