Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gingerbread Train

I won't lie- it's been a rough week with Luke. He's battling some serious asthma and coughing fits and he's been kinda a nightmare (who am I kidding- he's been a TOTAL NIGHTMARE- just ask my mom). I'm blaming it on what I call the Christmas Crazies. I'm actually anxious for it to all be over in hopes we get our sweet Lukey-Boy back.

On Monday mom and Luke did put together his first ever Gingerbread Train while I was at work. I have to say- it makes me totally Laugh Out Loud every time. Mom said he did all the decorating himself. She just glued the big pieces together for him. So for your view pleasure (and yes, those are headless GI Joes stuck in the icing)....

i think this is my fav one. hahaha

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