Friday, April 27, 2012

spring concert

I meant to post this last weekend- but forgot. Here's a quick little video of Grace and Luke during their spring concert last weekend.


What I didn't get on here was Luke crying for my mom shortly after this song. See, she came in after they were already seated and he could see her across the church. He loves my mom sooooo much and desperately wants to be with her all the time. So he saw her and wanted her- but he had to go up and sing. So he sings like two songs and whispers/cries loudly "teacher kellie! i really miss my Mah-Mah [that's my mom]. can i go sit with her?" Sigh.

Teacher Kellie handled him beautifully by reminding him that they only had 2 more short songs to sing and then he could be with her. He did finish and then made a BEELINE for her where he happily snuggled in next to her for the remainder of the show.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Happy Happy Birthday to my littlest niece Grace. She is 4 today so Luke can no longer hold that above her. ha!
Grace with Kelley

Monday, April 9, 2012


We hope that you had a great easter! We certainly had a fun-filled weekend.

SATURDAY: The kids (all 4) went to Nonna and Nonno's Place for the annual Egg Hunt! I have some great pics of it- but none of Addy hunting for eggs as she's in the older age bracket now! Bummer. But below are the 3 with their cute Bunny Masks they got to make, and a few of Grace & Luke finding eggs! Isn't Addy so beautiful in that last pic??

I also got a few pics of my grandparents with their 4 great grankids. Have you ever tried to get 4 kids all to smile when all they want to do is hunt for eggs and eat cookies? The first two make me laugh- and finally i got one that's decent!
no one is paying attention!

Luke is goofy and Addy is a blur. sigh.

SUNDAY- the boys woke to a few goodies from the Easter Bunny. Jack was into chewing on the eggs and the paper in his basket. Luke like to remind me of all the things the Easter Bunny brought him LAST year. Sigh. That kid is TOO smart!!

After a bit we had Chris' sister and her fam, and then my brother and his crew over. We had quite the feast. After it was all over the kids cuddled up with Cousin Tayo for a bit. And then they all got some ice cream for dessert!

I would say the weekend was a success as Chris and I found Luke like this around 4pm. hahaha

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

8 months

i am a day late on this post- but yesterday was craziness...

Jack James is 8 months old. I don't even know how that happened! It's going to fast!!

JACK FACTS: He has two top teeth coming in perfectly and another top one has cut the surface (no bottoms yet). He has started screaming at the top of his lungs if you ignore him (or put him in his high chair and aren't shoveling food in his mouth). He has started to army crawl on his cute tummy all over the living room. He even gets himself onto all fours- and then freaks out. He sleeps thru the night basically every OTHER night. But still an improvement! He loves to laugh and be entertained (and if you're not entertaining him- well, refer back to the sentence about what he does if you ignore him). He gets excited to see me when I get home- that right there is enough to melt you.

We love you Jack James!

and don't forget to vote for Jack for cute baby of the week! Vote every day until Sunday!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Cutest Baby Contest

I don't know how many of you read my blog, but just in case- Jack was picked as a finalist online on Parents Magazine for a cute baby contest (of the week). Please take a sec and vote for him! Make sure you answer the security question (that sometimes go along with a little video).