Monday, April 9, 2012


We hope that you had a great easter! We certainly had a fun-filled weekend.

SATURDAY: The kids (all 4) went to Nonna and Nonno's Place for the annual Egg Hunt! I have some great pics of it- but none of Addy hunting for eggs as she's in the older age bracket now! Bummer. But below are the 3 with their cute Bunny Masks they got to make, and a few of Grace & Luke finding eggs! Isn't Addy so beautiful in that last pic??

I also got a few pics of my grandparents with their 4 great grankids. Have you ever tried to get 4 kids all to smile when all they want to do is hunt for eggs and eat cookies? The first two make me laugh- and finally i got one that's decent!
no one is paying attention!

Luke is goofy and Addy is a blur. sigh.

SUNDAY- the boys woke to a few goodies from the Easter Bunny. Jack was into chewing on the eggs and the paper in his basket. Luke like to remind me of all the things the Easter Bunny brought him LAST year. Sigh. That kid is TOO smart!!

After a bit we had Chris' sister and her fam, and then my brother and his crew over. We had quite the feast. After it was all over the kids cuddled up with Cousin Tayo for a bit. And then they all got some ice cream for dessert!

I would say the weekend was a success as Chris and I found Luke like this around 4pm. hahaha

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