Friday, April 27, 2012

spring concert

I meant to post this last weekend- but forgot. Here's a quick little video of Grace and Luke during their spring concert last weekend.


What I didn't get on here was Luke crying for my mom shortly after this song. See, she came in after they were already seated and he could see her across the church. He loves my mom sooooo much and desperately wants to be with her all the time. So he saw her and wanted her- but he had to go up and sing. So he sings like two songs and whispers/cries loudly "teacher kellie! i really miss my Mah-Mah [that's my mom]. can i go sit with her?" Sigh.

Teacher Kellie handled him beautifully by reminding him that they only had 2 more short songs to sing and then he could be with her. He did finish and then made a BEELINE for her where he happily snuggled in next to her for the remainder of the show.


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