Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"i'm fake 5- right?"

This past weekend we had 2- yes TWO- parties for our almost-5-year-old. We're at the age with Luke in preschool that he wants to party with friends, and yet the families still want to celebrate. So this year- and this year ONLY- we did 2 parties. His friends all celebrated with him at the Portland Children's Museum, and then Sunday we had a lasagna dinner feed (thanks to Costco!) with all our family. It was madness, but fun was had by all. But the best thing was something he said to me Sunday before his second party.

Luke: "Hey mom? Since yesterday was my birthday party and we celebrated my fake birthday- that means I'm fake 5- right?"

LOVE that boy.

here's some photos from the events:

his real birthday is friday- so stay tuned for his yearly interview. Click here to find out what he said last year! LUKE YEAR 4

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