Tuesday, March 5, 2013

19 months

taken on sunday- the kid loves baths!
 I forgot to post on Sunday that Jack was 19 months. I don't even know how that has happened. Right now we are battling our third double ear infection. Last round of antibiotics this happened:
taken at the hospital

So I'm hoping that this sulfa-meds they gave him this round help. Poor kid.

However- at 19 months he's quite the character. He certainly has his opinions and will tell you no! He's stingy on hugs and loves unless he's tired or sick. I have started calling bedtime "naptime" just so that he'll go down without a screaming fight. woooweee- I'm in for it with this one. BUT he always kisses me goodbye when I drop him off at daycare, and he runs and hugs my legs when I go to pick him up. He loves to share his foods with me and loves to learn new things from his big brother. Jack James is a blessing, ear infections and all.

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