Thursday, September 8, 2011

Week 5

Sorry I'm a day late in this post! I try to post every wednesday- but I don't always get a moment to do so. I was looking at the calendar and realized that I really only have 5 weeks of maternity leave left. I'm halfway thru! I hope by the time I go back Jack has more of a schedule! He has been giving me one 4 hour stretch at night to sleep (well sometimes only 3 and half) but then after that he's up every hour and a half- so I'm not sure it really helps! Contemplating moving him to his room down the hall- to see if I sleep better since he grunts so much in his sleep. I haven't tried it yet b/c 1- it's all the way down the hall from my room and walking down there to nurse him seems really. far. away. And let's face it- at 3am- I'm half-dead. 2- it's in the same room as Luke. Not that Luke seems to mind- he's been in my bed plenty of times when Jack has woke up crying and hungry- and he's slept right thru it. I'm more nervous that Luke would try to climb in with Jack in the middle of the night or something crazy like that. But I guess that's what the baby monitor is for. Maybe when he's 6 weeks I'll try it. Like that's so far away! HA!

So this past week- we've spent some time out at Grammie's Pool- and I'm SUPER excited they extended the closing date of her pool. They usually close it after Labor Day weekend- but we have until NEXT weekend to enjoy it. Super nice of her Condo Place- especially since we're JUST NOW getting summer! We also have spent some quality time with my nieces and sister-in-law. Love having this time to hang out with all of them together. But most exciting around these parts- PRESCHOOL. Luke had what I call "preschool round-up" on wednesday. He got to meet Teacher Kellie and see where he'll be going 3 days a week starting next week. I think he's getting excited!

Here's the past week in pictures:
Cuties in the Pool

LOVE this Pic- Jimmy and his mini-me
Cutie Cousins

My Bed Hogs

Sprinkler Fun
Peeking In

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  1. Great pics! I love the one of Luke waiting to go into school :) So sweet!!