Monday, January 9, 2012

La Befana

On Sunday all the kids went to the Annual La Befena Event thru my grandparent's Tuscan Association. The history of it in a nutshell (it's actually been going on longer than SANTA):

The legend of “La Befana” is that of an old witch lady who met the 3 Wise Men on their search for the baby Jesus, asked “La Befana” to join them in their quest. She initially declined, stating she had too much housework to do. She later changed her mind and went looking for the 3 Wise Men and the baby Jesus, but was unable to find them. Therefore, every year, on the night of January 5th, “La Befana”, will travel on her magic broom, to every house in Italy in search of the baby Jesus bringing gifts. Climbing down the chimneys, she brings candy or fruit to the children that were good and black coal , onions or garlic to the children that were naughty. The children will leave out their stockings, and even their shoes, hoping to awake on the morning of January 6th to a treat from “La Befana”. 
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The kids get to eat some cookies, see a great Magician, then La Befana comes out and they all get to visit with her and she gives them all a little prize. Below are some of the great photos from that!
Captivated by the Magician

Addy Helping

Grace and Luke Helping

Jack-Jack hanging out
Addy and La Befana

Grace- last year she was too scared- not now!

Luke and the Witch
And perhaps the cutest pic of the day. One that I'm going to have to frame. I just LOVE the way he's looking up at gram. So precious.

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  1. I love the legend of La Befana. We learned about her while living in Italy. Great tradition!