Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sicky Boy

I hope everyone had a better weekend that we did. Poor Luke. The kid is prone to allergies (he gets that from me) and asthma (he gets that from dad). So if he gets any kind of a cold, it usually sits in his chest and at some point we end up at the doctor- or in this case- the ER. Let's back up...

Saturday- awesome day for luke. His nose had been running, but nothing major. He got a haircut and then we went swimming at the North Clackamas Aquatic Park with Addy, Grace, Mah-Mah, Papa Gary and dad. Jack came along this time too and even stuck his feet in the kiddie pool. It was great fun! But by that night- I heard his cough creeping in. I knew it was a matter of time... So sunday he laid low. Jack and I went off to church, the Luke and I went grocery shopping. I noticed that he was really struggling to breath well, and he started asking for his inhaler, something he never does. Shortly after dinner I noticed he was warm with a low fever. So I texted my mom saying he was bad and that he wouldn't be going to school on monday. She told me to call the on-call doctor, so I did. The nurse called me back and after going over all the meds and inhaler times with her over the phone, we realized that he'd been getting his inhalers almost every hour. And he wasn't any better. She listened to him breathe over the phone andsuggested that I take him to Emanuel Hospital.

I am very blessed to have an amazing mom who dropped everything to come with me. Mom- if you're reading this- you are AMAZING. We got to the hospital and they got him in right away. His blood oxygen level was in the low 80's and they should be between 98-100. He was having a hard time- poor guy. He did really well getting hooked up to all sorts of monitors and they gave him a nebulizer treatment. Then xrays! This whole time mom kept him entertained and distracted with his GI Joes and her great imagination. The GI Joes were not only guys, but hair cutting instruments and doctor tools. He LOVED it.

He was diagnosed with pneumonia and given antibiotics and steroids. We had to wait an hour after they gave him round one of everything and he was a trouper. His blood oxygen level got up to 94/95 and they finally let us go. So at least he'll be good for his birthday tomorrow! yay!

Long, LOOONG night for mom and I. So thank you MOM!! You're the best!

Here's a few pics of the ER trip. 

Getting Checked Out

Breathing Treatment is going well!

Mah-Mah Entertaining Luke

Feeling Better
Goofing Around

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