Thursday, March 1, 2012

how to leave a comment

Hey mom and aunt corriney- this one is for you! Follow instructions below (you can click on the pictures to make them larger) and look for my red boxes!

How to leave a comment on my blog!

 At the end of each blog- under either the last thing i've posted or the last cute picture it says: "0 comments"

you can click on that and it will open up the comments for that specific post. there you can write your fun little comment to make me feel like SOMEONE is reading my blog. :)

after you've done that- see where it says "Comment as:"?? Click that drop-down menu and click on "Name/URL". 

Type in your name and ignore the URL slot. hit Continue.

Then click Publish.

Then you get to see a PREVIEW box of what you wrote. Scroll down in that little box and type in the captia (those words written all wiggly in that box) to "prove that you're not a robot". It is CASE SENSITIVE and you will need a space between each word. Then hit Publish!

AND YOU'RE DONE!! There is your super sweet comment! GOOD JOB!


  1. I am reading your blog Heather! I never know if people want me to comment or not. I like that I get to keep updated on your life through the blog. Emily

    1. Thanks Emily! you're too sweet! i love reading your blog too!