Wednesday, March 14, 2012

sick boy and teething

Ohhhh last week, how I DON'T miss you. Jack-Jack ended up with RSV (learn more about it here) as of Tuesday. He wasn't doing well Monday- and when I went to give him his bottle that night and half of it ended up coming back up and all over me, I knew we were in for a long week. Fever, coughing, choking on phlegm, runny nose- he was a hot mess. He would only sleep in 30 to 45 minute intervals too. Special thanks to my mom and aunt lisa for helping me with him so that I didn't miss TOO much work. He's on the mend- now I just have to train him to sleep better- AGAIN.

To top it all off- he was also teething. Most kids his age get their bottom two teeth in first. Not my boys. Jack followed in his brothers' footsteps and just cut his top two teeth this weekend. There are at least 2 more I see waiting in the wings... Poor Guy!

sorry it's blurry! he didn't exactly like me prying!

He's getting better- and now his new thing to do is to wrinkle his nose and purse his lips and make a funny snorting sound. I finally caught a few pics of him doing it!

Hope you all are having a good week! LOVES! ~H.

sweet blue eyes

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