Monday, May 21, 2012

last week of preschool

I can't hardly believe that it's the last week of school for Luke. He's come SOOO far. He writes his name, he knows his days of the week, he can count to 30, and so much more. It's been so good for him. I hope we can have lots of playdates with his new friends this summer.
my big kid!

Today was also my last day to work in his classroom too. Usually my Mom watches Jack while I work, or Maris (my sister-in-law) watches him while Mom or I work. Mom is on her way home from Germany and Grace got sick- so Jack got to come with me today. I brought in the stroller so he'd have somewhere to sit (aka- i'd have somewhere to trap him!!). He did sooo good.
watching the kids play

 I think it helped that he had 16 kids that were running around him to keep him entertained. There was lots of great "people-watching" for him. I did let him down to play with the other kids during free play. They were all gentle and so sweet with him.
taking over the carpet!

And at the end, he started to get tired. Hence this photo:

He crashed in the car before we even pulled away from the curb...

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  1. Oooh sooo much fun!~ I love being in my kiddos preschool classroom too!. Theirs goes for another week or so but soon to be over. It is kind of bitter sweet!