Tuesday, July 3, 2012

11 months

Jack James is 11 months old today. wow. Great new things that he's started doing (most of which I've already posted on here).

- You're talking so much now! Your words include: momma, da-da, mah-mah, and uh-oh!
 I'm pretty sure you have your own word for Luke and when you see a dog- but nothing definitive just yet. If we ask you where Luke is- you do point to him. AND you baby chatter all the time!

- You're showing some attitude. If you're not getting your way- you let us know!

- Signing. You sign for "all done" and "more"

- Hugs. You hug. You snuggle. You touch foreheads with whoever you love that's holding you and go in for a kiss. It's precious.

- Walking. You're almost there. In fact- I'm pretty sure just this morning you took two steps on your own from me to the couch where your brother was. You also love to walk using the back this little riding toy (see video).

I seriously don't remember life without you. Love you so much my Monkey-Man!

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