Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a few new things...

As Jack's First Birthday approaches- he seems to be doing new things every day! And since I haven't been good about his baby book (meaning I don't think I've entered anything in it!) I figured I better get on here and write this down!

A few new things:
  • if we ask you what a monkey says you will now make a monkey noise
  • if we ask you what a lion says- you have the cutest ROAR! 
  • you love to grab your Mah-Mah's hair with both hands and pull her face in for a kiss- mouth open wide! 
  • and yesterday when I got home- you pulled yourself up on a dining room chair- let go and took 3 steps to get to me!! Seriously the best feeling in the WHOLE WORLD. then you wrapped your arms around me and snuggled in. 
Jack snuggling up last night:

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