Wednesday, October 19, 2011

11 weeks and back to work

I have offically been back to work for two days. It's actually been kinda fun. Almost.  I am lucky that they're letting me come back to work just 3 days a week for the first two weeks. It's been nice to ease back into it. Although my first two days I've had mom here- so tomorrow will be the first BIG TEST. I have to get all 3 of us out the door no later than 730am to make it to daycare and then me to work. WITH Luke's swim stuff as he has swimming right after work (this is his last thursday, he only has one more class- thank goodness!). I am a little nervous about it...

Let's see- what's been going on the past week with the littles? Jack is getting more animated every day. He really is a happy baby and his smiles and coos will melt your heart. Luke has been enjoying school and today they went to the pumpkin patch. His first field trip!! I wish I had pictures- but I was at work. I do however, have a pic of his pumpkin that we painted. He wanted a scary face... hahaha gotta love that kid!

11 weeks

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