Monday, October 3, 2011


As I type this, my little monkey is half-asleep in his swing. I give him 5 minutes TOPS before he's hollering again for me. The little guy only wants to be held (I can almost hear my mother saying "i wonder where he gets that from?" and giggling. right mom??). He also wants to be entertained. A LOT. (again insert my mother's voice from the above statement). Apparently I was a difficult baby, and I'm afraid it's been handed off to BOTH my boys. Luke requires little sleep (bedtime is a constant battle every night) and Jack requires lots of nursing and loves to yell at you if he gets bored. I am sleep deprived to no end and stressed about going back to work in two weeks. I am looking forward to working again and the adult interaction- I'm excited about that part. I'm just nervous for Jack at daycare b/c he wants to be held for naps and entertained all the time.  I know that won't be possible since she has other kids and another little guy 5 months older than Jack. So the stress of that is weighing on me. Where did I go wrong with this one? I thought the second baby was supposed to be an angel baby who loves to sleep and eat? Sigh...

I just keep thinking about what my boss Tangee told me, as she has two kids ages 5 and almost 2: that the first year with 2 kids is the hardest. It does get easier. Meltdowns are ok (from kids and parents). And to just breathe. Let's just hope I don't start to hyperventilate.

Jack's favorite place to sleep

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